Unit 4 Being a Canadian Citizen


The purpose of this unit is to help learners know and understand their rights and responsibilities as Canadian citizens. They are asked to reflect on different information that illustrates what it means to live in a democratic country. Key democratic principles are highlighted in order to prepare learners to exercise their rights as citizens. Such rights include voting and writing a letter to a government representative. Activities also familiarize learners with how the government works in Canada and what it means to have fundamental rights and freedoms. This unit is particularly useful for learners who wish to obtain their Canadian citizenship.

The Unit at a Glance:

  • Discover what it means to be a citizen.
  • Learn about living in a democracy.
  • Learn about the government in Canada.
  • Learn about civil liberties and fundamental freedoms.
  • Think about how to participate as a citizen.
  • Examine some political rights.
  • Find out about accessing information as a citizen.
  • Learn about voting in Canada.
  • Write a letter to a government official.

PDF of Student Workbook: Being a Canadian Citizen

E-learning video-support sections of this unit:

  • Section 1 - Introduction
  • Section 2 - What is a Canadian Citizen
  • Section 3 - Democratic Values
  • Section 4 - Voting
  • Section 5 - Participating as a Citizen
  • Section 6 - Me and My Country