Cell Phones in the Classroom: Music education in the BYOD era

What’s one of today’s most accessible pieces of sound technology? Definitely cell phones. They record. They play back. They’re mobile. And most importantly, lots of your students have them. Our challenge is to make use of cell phone capabilities for artistic and educational purposes.


The Power of Our Words! Dismantling the Fixed Mindset Redux

As educators, we know that our words have an impression on our students. We often hear our words coming out of their mouths, for better or for worse. What we might not always be aware of is how our words can topple dreams, change the course of history or even influence a student’s future career path. Dramatic? Consider that the student-teacher interaction is “the primary determinant of student success” according to Darling-Hammond (2000).


NEXTSchool: Whats Next? The Future of High School

When High School is the best it can be at engaging students and preparing them for the world ahead… what will it look like? 

This is the guiding question for NEXTschool – an inclusive, research-based, design initiative facilitated by LEARN –  that aims to transform change-ready High Schools in systemic and sustainable ways with minimum investment. The driving force of the initiative is the urgent need and moral responsibility we have to align our schools with the information age – to reconstruct the traditional structural and cultural paradigms so that schools can ‘decompartmentalize’ teaching and learning and become more proactive and adaptive in their approach to the constantly changing needs of students and their communities.

Our latest post: A Culture of Feedback


Encounters with Canada Winners

Meet the Winners of the Encounters with Canada contest and read their winning essays