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Teacher Recognition: Audrey McLaren

Invited to attend the GeoGebra Global Gathering this summer in Linz, Austria as a VIP guest, all expenses paid, this was a dream come true for our online Math and Science teacher, Audrey McLaren!  It's an international conference for GeoGebra aficionados that happens every two years at the GeoGebra headquarters. As a thought leader and innovator in STEM education, Audrey was invited to be a VIP Guest at this global event where over 200 members of the GeoGebra community, representing 45 countries got together to collaborate and share ideas.

New Appointment at LEARN

LEARN is pleased to announce the promotion of Debbie Horrocks as Project Director - LEARN Provincial Resource Team. Debbie has been a dedicated employee with LEARN serving the CLC initiative for more than 7 years. In her new duties as Project Director, she will be leading the Provincial Resource Team and will be working on various projects.

Debbie brings a wealth of experience and we are excited about her new role at LEARN. Debbie has a Bachelor’s degree from Concordia University and has worked extensively in community development with the English linguistic minority community. She has spent 18 years as a Commissioner with the Riverside School board, including 8 years as Vice Chairman and Past President of the Quebec English School Boards Association. Debbie is an avid gardener, which has helped her understand how to deal with things that are totally out of her control.  She relishes relaxing by the ocean, and says that there is nothing more soothing to the soul than the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.

Please take a few moments to extend your personal congratulations to her whenever you happen to see her around your community. Congratulations Debbie!

On the LEARN Blog: Dear Prime Minister: Writing letters for World Environment Day

LEARN's Ben Loomer wants to convince you to teach your students to talk about important local and global issues and write persuasive letters to decision makers about topics that are important to them. (Incidentally, other people will happily convince you to care about the environment. You will find a school guide to participating in World Environment Day here.)

On the Blog: Singing the Grade School Blues

Giving students a voice in more ways than one, this week’s post by Ben Loomer features how the Blues can play out in the classroom

On the Blog: Getting Started with Makerspaces: LEARN’s STEAM challenges

At LEARN we’ve been reflecting on how best to increase student engagement in school, as it has been closely linked with academic achievement and students’ perceptions of their ability to succeed. One of our initiatives has been harnessing the power and appeal of the Maker Movement in the school context. To this end, we’ve been inviting teachers to Open Creative Space days at our offices and also working directly with teachers and their students in classrooms. Read more of Sylwia Bielec's blog post.

Sur le blogue de LEARN :

Consultation pancanadienne de l’ACPI : les professionnels de l’immersion se dévoilent! par Julie Paré

This week on the blog, "Feedback Fridays with LEARN Tutoring" by Dianne Conrod

LEARN Tutoring has gone through a major transformation in the last year and a half.  Several substantial changes were made, all with the goals of improving, and having more students/families take advantage of, our service – one-on-one or small group tutoring sessions provided by certified qualified and experienced teachers, available to students in English schools in Quebec at no charge. Go to page


QSLIN Annual Library Symposium March 29th

The annual Library Symposium is approaching soon. Once again, it is open not only to school library personnel, but also to Educational Consultants and Administrators (school and board level) in the English sector who would be interested in FREE professional development on topics like:

Cosplay MakerSpaces

Empowering Secondary Students with Accessible E-books,

Simple Steps for Supporting Students Who Speak Other Languages

Collaboration between school library personnel and other educational partners,

Creating a safe space for LGBTQ

Breakout EDU

If there are people within your educational communities that you think might be interested in attending, please feel free to share this information with them. The more people and partners who attend, the more opportunities for professional growth the entire community will have.


Date: Wednesday March 29, 2017

Time: 8:45 - 4:00

Registration deadline: Wednesday March 22.

Location: Holiday Inn, Pointe Claire.

6700 Trans Canada,
Pointe-Claire, QC
H9R 1C2

To see what sessions are being offered, visit:

To register, visit:


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact


On the blog, "The Power of Words: Dismantling the fixed mindset"

Can I as an educator instill an open or growth mindset into my children and students? Let’s explore how the power of words can lead teachers and students alike to becoming life long learners.

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On the blog, "Myth busting – Teaching to discriminate fake science from real science"

How do we get our students to learn to discriminate between accepted evidence-based science and fake science – hearsay, promotions from special interest groups and unsubstantiated fear mongering? Perhaps the solution to the problem begins in the science classroom. In order for students to accept science they need to DO real science. 

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On the blog, "Teacher Appreciation – GO TEAM!!!"

Happy Teacher Appreciation Time 2017!

Depending on your school or school board, Quebec Teacher and School Staff Appreciation week is celebrated the week of either February 5 or February 12 – or even better, both! Enjoy this first of three blog posts with messages of appreciation written by students, parents, colleagues, directors, and community members.