Tutoring for Elementary and Secondary Students

Our online tutors are fully qualified Quebec teachers, experienced in tutoring and exam preparation.
We work directly with elementary (gr. 2 and up) and secondary students, and their schools and/or parents:
   • to make them comfortable with our easy-to-use platform (Tech support is provided during tutoring times);
   • to provide regular tutoring  (after an initial appointment is attended) based on an agreed-upon appointment or schedule;
   • to provide regular feedback on student progress.



How does LEARN online tutoring work?

When students register for tutoring, they are given access to a full-featured online learning platform. Features of this online classroom include multi-way audio, so students can talk with the tutor; chat area, so students can text with the tutor; and interactive whiteboard, so students can draw and write on the board.

Registered students will log in and communicate online with the tutor (type, speak, draw) for help with study and homework.

Most students, who try our service once, come back regularly. It works!

Our tutors, all teachers in schools and centres in Quebec, are available to help students with course work, exam preparation, specific homework questions, or general review and clarification.