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In the QEP, the term 'text' includes media productions of all kinds, called media texts. Thus, producing media texts is a fundamental part of students' learning experience and not just a 'nice to have' element. On this page you will find sample media production ideas, as well as relevant excerpts of the QEP.

Podcasts lend themselves very well for Music Competency 1 - Creates Musical Works.

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Tuned in to Culture - Baladoweb
Stories about your community. Can be about its people, architecture, or natural features.
For a real-life example, see Murmur.
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Not all the stories are appropriate for students
Languages, Social Science, Science and Technology, ERC
Depending on the content of the podcast
Everyone has a story - new people to the community, people who have accomplished something special, an interview with a character from a story...
  • Interviewing “Old people” about the technology (event, person, etc) that has had the most impact on their lives
  • Oral histories
  • Interviews with experts
Languages, Social Science, Science and Technology
Depending on the content of the podcast
Art Gallery
Create an audio guide for the students' art exhibit or for artifacts at a museum. Combine this with QR codes and students or visitors to the gallery can listen to the podcast on a cell phone as they view the item.
Languages, Visual Arts
Radio Drama
Produce old radio show scripts from Vintage Radio Script Library  or write your own to produce!
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How to's
Step-by-step guides for doing things that you can use while doing them. Ex.: Science experiment how-to.
Languages, Mathematics, Science and Technology
Science Explained
Information and explanation of a science concept or project. To be used at a Science Fair or other event.
Languages, Mathematics, Science and Technology
Classroom News
Weekly podcasts about what's new in your class. Can be made by a rotating team of students who spend the week getting audio for the podcast.
Languages, ERC
Depending on the content of the podcast

Other Ideas

  • Storytelling
  • Poetry
  • School News
  • Book Talks
  • Reading Response
  • Research Reports
  • Virtual Fieldtrips