Before jumping into making podcasts willy nilly, it helps to listen to samples of podcasts or web radio. Having a chance to listen to podcasts allows students to get a feel for the medium. Discussing or responding to podcasts and other audio recordings such as audio books gets students thinking about what are the features of an audio production and what makes a podcast successful. Think about it - you wouldn't have students write poetry without reading any, right? Or writing an article without having read at least a few beforehand? Its the same with media!

Inspiration: what it is called in the various subject areas

Immersion into the text type to be produced and discussion of its structures and features.

Repères culturels, répertoire personnel de ressources francophones.

Podcasts on the Web

We suggest that you choose which podcasts you listen to with your students to discuss as a group, so they fit in with your goals. Students can also explore podcasts on their own to respond to (ELA), or as part of « écoute » in FLS.


How to listen to Podcasts

- You can listen on your computer - you will need speakers or headphones!

- You can listen on an iPod, iPad or smartphone

- If it is a syndicated podcast, you can subscribe through iTunes

- Juice is an open source podcatcher - (Windows, Mac, Linux.) - Go to site

Deconstructing Media Resources

Use these secondary student tools to deconstruct what you listen to.

Basic Media Deconstruction (Sec.) - Download resource

Podcasts Made by Students

Kidcast - go to site

Radio WillowWeb - go to site

Coulee Kids - go to site

Mabry Online - go to site

Some Sources for Podcasts

iTunes - Go to site

CBC - Go to site

Baladodiffusion - Go to site

Subject-specific Podcasts

Scientific American: 60-Second Science - Go to site

Ecogeeks: Untamed Science - Go to site

The Math Dude: Quick and Dirty Tips to Make Math Easier - Go to site

The Nutrition Diva's Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous - Go to site

Our Favourites

Spark - Go to site

This American Life - Go to site

Radiolab - Go to site