The productions are finished and its time to celebrate the hard work done by all! While it is often tempting to skip this step and move on quickly to the next thing, celebrating student accomplishments creates positive feelings of belonging and self-worth in students. Listening to the podcasts during class time is the easiest way to share them among class members, but podcasts can easily be shared online with the world!


Publishing Your Podcasts

- The podcast file needs to go on a server.

- You need enough space for the files and enough bandwidth for the podcast subscribers.

- You also need an RSS feed

Here are some links to help you.

Basic plan is free for up to 500 MB! - Go to site

Syndicating your podcast on iTunes
Your podcast needs to live on a server and you need to know the URL.
Instructions for posting to iTunes - Go to site

Podcasting Legal Guide for Canada
Kathleen Simmons and Andy Kaplan-Myrth, proponents of Creative Commons have written a guide for use of materials according to Canadian law. Go to site