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Featured Partner: La Tablée des Chefs

Tablée des Chefs

LEARN is proud to be partnering with La Tablée des Chefs, a non-profit organization whose mission is to feed those in need while educating today's youth in the culinary arts. Through this partnership, the Provincial Resource Team (PRT) has already connected three high schools participating in the Community Learning Centre Initiative (CLC) to the Brigades Culinaires program.  

The Brigades Culinaires program consists of culinary workshops, competitions, and one Grand Competition. The workshops will be held as extra-curricular activities from October to May, allowing students to develop their culinary skills and food knowledge.

Today, the Brigades Culinaires program is offered as an extracurricular activity to over 2000 students in 100 French-language secondary schools throughout the province of Quebec. In addition to connecting English-language schools to this incredible organization, LEARN has assisted with the translation of program materials and the start-up costs for the CLC schools.


Cuisiner pour mieux manger is a program for students in WOTP that consists of 30 workshops, ten of which are led by professional chefs.  

The Culinary Brigades program is an after school program for high schools that includes 20 culinary workshops and a cooking competition. Click here to learn more.

Interested in bringing one of these programs to life in your school?  Contact a member of the PRT.

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