A message to our users:

LEARN uses the Zoom meeting platform to provide our tutoring service and our online classes. Recent media reports have highlighted security concerns related to the use of Zoom.

The safety and privacy of students, parents and educators are our primary concern. We would like to reassure all of our users that we have implemented measures to further secure our Zoom meetings and prevent unwanted access to Zoom sessions. Zoom is also taking these issues seriously, and has been actively updating their platform to ensure the security of their users.

At Virtual Campus, our role is to work directly with students and schools across the province to support academic success.

LEARN’s Virtual Campus provides:

• high-quality online classes;

• targeted evening tutoring;

• summer school; 

• as well as customized support developed in partnership with schools and school boards

*When LEARN provides services on behalf of other organizations, certain charges may be applied (eg.  Virtual Summer School)