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Here you will find tips, tricks and tools to help you teach online and in a digital age, using LEARN’s various History Sections,  Geography Resources, Student How-To's, and our online Cartograf Mapping application.

Tour each phase in a typical learning process below, where you will find sample learning scenarios, along with video capsules that demonstrate how these strategies could play out in a real online teaching situation.  Let our 15 years of experience in e-Learning and developing online digital tools guide you and help you imagine ways students can collaborate and work interactively, even from a distance. 

Scenarios and capsules below are under-development. 
If you want to share your ideas & favourite tools here too contact Paul R!


How might you begin your class online and engage students?

View examples 1 and 2 below for analysing images using Google Drawings (WW1) and Cartograf (Irish Immigration) respectively.


What are some way students can explore historical phenomena online?


How can students investigate further, gathering and processing evidence online?


What about projects, designs, making and building online?


How can students share with each other, collaborate, present?


Social Sciences Online Professional Development 
Here is where we will also share various options for professional development related to online and digital learning, or simple to the teaching of history in general.


Professional Learning in Social Sciences

Social Sciences Online and in a Digital Age

Yes, this new section is also a great form of professional development, which you can follow along as new learning scenario examples are added throughout the year.  With tips, tricks and tools to help you teach online and in a digital age, using LEARN’s various resources but also in response to the QEP program's approach, we are hoping this section becomes the first and best place for Social Sciences ideas that develop your (and your students') digital competency.  Go to page 

LEARN Blog entries for Social Sciences teachers

The LEARN blog is full of fascinating articles, all of which can contribute to your development as a teacher... and they are fun to read!  Here are a few especially for us Social Sciences folk:

  • Podcasts for Professional Development  Go to page 
  • Feedback Street: Formative Assessment in History.  Go to page 
  • Flipped History: A new approach for a new curriculum.  Go to page
  • History of Quebec and Canada – Planning for a new curriculum.  Go to page
  • Rapping Across the Curriculum.  Go to page
  • A Time and a Place for Elsewhere: The Role of Context...  Go to page
  • Geolocalize it: The global context of everything.  Go to page
  • iPadding… upstream! How do you manage it?  Go to page
  • 3 a.m. blogging, and why social sciences should be social, & public! Go to page
  • Cartograf: Taking time for power mapping.  Go to page
  • Imagining a more meaningful and contributive future for education.  Go to page
  • History, reality…. and parties.  Go to page
  • Life stories in the classroom, and beyond!  Go to page

ICT in Social Sciences

The RECIT and LEARN often promote the use of technology in the social sciences.  Here are few examples:

iPads in Social Sciences (Archived from old site )   Go to site

Le RÉCIT de l'univers social  offers various training sessions and site sections on technology use.  Here are a few examples:

Media and Podcasts in Social Sciences

After posting the excellent blog post by Matt Russell on Podcasts for Professional Development on the LEARN main blog, we started up a section dedicated to online media for PD for the Social Sciences teacher.  Go to page

Learning Communities & Professional Associations

Various associations and groups allow SocSci teachers to communicate and share, and to develop as professional learners.  Here is a list of few key groups:

  • Secondary 3 History Professional Community
    Commununauté Histoire du Québec et du CanadaGo to site 
  • Quebec Association of Geography Teachers and Global Educators Go to site 
  • L'Association Québécoise pour la didactique de l'histoire-géographie. Go to site 
  • Association québécoise pour l’enseignement en univers social. Go to site 
    Visit and join their Facebook page and group too!  Go to site 
  • Société des professeurs d'histoire du Québec. Go to site 
  • Le groupe des responsables de l'univers social. Go to site