Full-Day Kindergarten for 4-Year-Olds was orginally offered as a pilot program in certain areas. This experimental program was implemented in 2013 in seven of the nine English School Boards of Québec.

The program is now being offered in a wide number of schools across the province.



Professional Learning

Basic resources

The Daily Routine in a 4 year-old Kindergarten class:
Provides an example, a planner, practical suggestions for routine essentials and links to the program features.  Download 

Competency-based Observation Grid
Use this grid to record competency-based observations, summarize and set new goals for each child.  Download 

Illustrated Portfolio dividers
If you are using portfolios organised by competency, 5 dividers with a clip art illustration of each competency.  Download 


May 2014 training session: Monitoring Children's Progress in all Areas of their Development

Strenghtening Ties Between Family and School Download 

Talking to Parents. Yes, but How? Download 

Observing Children's Development Through Symbolic Play Download 

Fostering a Child's Overall Development Through Music Download 

November 2013 Training session

A look at our 4-Year Olds From Disadvantaged Backgrounds Download

Une école prête à accueillir des enfants de 4 ans: presentation Download

Kindergarten for 4-Year-Olds: the story of one implementation Download 

MEES Program Documents

Québec Education - 4 Year-Old Kindergarten

     Preschool Education Program for 4-Year-Olds  Download