What are Community Schools?

"Community schools are schools that partner with families and community organizations to provide well-rounded educational opportunities and supports for students’ school success. Like every good school, community schools must be built on a foundation of powerful teaching that includes challenging academic content and supports students’ mastery of 21st century skills and competencies."

(Coalition of Community Schools, Partnership for the Future of Learning)


Community Schools Models at a Glance

In Quebec, the Provincial Resource Team (PRT) supports the Community Learning Centre (CLC) Initiative. There are currently three models that emerge based on the needs of each community. 



Single-site characteristics:  one school, one vision, one plan, a small number of leaders.

Multi-site characteristics:  Multiple schools and communities, multiple visions, multiple plans, multiple leaders that work independently from one another.

Extended model characteristics:  Multiple schools within a shared region serving the same community (often feeder schools), one unified vision, one plan, shared strategies and activities, many leaders with a high need for ongoing collaboration.


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