Planning their future in a quickly changing world is a major challenge for young people. Indeed, when children start making academic and career choices, their parents are often struck by the magnitude of their guidance needs. Academic and Career Guidance Content (ACGC) was developed to give students skills to plan their future.

Parents are encouraged to discuss the ACGC with their children, and help foster their skills in extra-curricular settings.

Québec Ministry of Education (MEQ)

The MEQ provides a brief description of how the Academic and Career Guidance Content (ACGC) fits within the mission of schools. Go to page 

MEQ Flyer for Parents

This two-page flyer includes examples of how parents can help their children understand their learning about themselves and their interests, their academic choices, and their future careers. Page two shows the continuum of ACGC from the start of Elementary Cycle Three to the end of Secondary Cycle Two, which is an informative table of the content and the expected student learning outcomes for each item. Go to page