Battery Monsters and Knitting

At Gerald McShane we try to give our students the tools to negotiate and resolve everyday concerns all the while exposing them to diverse activities that will allow them to express themselves and discover the leader in themselves.

A project we are very proud of is our battery recycling. The project is called the Battery Monsters and it entails the recycling of batteries in the form of a contest. This year’s contest took place over a one-month period (November 20th to December 20th). During the same time, Éco-Quartier, our longtime partner, set up lunchtime workshops on the importance of recycling batteries and how harmful they are to the environment when thrown out.

Every class created a Battery Monster (art project) and students brought their batteries in every day to “feed” their monster. Some classes even named their monster, but mostly they just fed it. The class that collected the greatest number of batteries was the winner of the contest and was treated to a pizza lunch. With such an incentive we collected over 500 pounds of batteries. Our partners were impressed with our collection and we may just repeat the competition in the spring. 

Another project that has had very big success is lunchtime knitting. Initially, the project was created as a means for girls to discuss and deal with concerns in the safety of a girl group but this quickly evolved into a friendly environment that everyone wanted to join. What started as a group of six students ended up being a group of 35. Students learned to hand-knit with Ms. Bella (a student teacher) and myself. The group met over lunch hour and knitted scarves and blankets over a period of eight weeks. They made these for themselves and to give as gifts for Christmas to their families. 

It was amazing listening to student exchanges around the table. Students are now looking forward to the next knitting session. The project was supported by our local Michael’s store whom we thank for helping make yarn more affordable for us. 


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