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Developing Good Indicators

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Literacy And Poverty

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Grant Writing "Rules Of The Road"

Facilitator: Ben Loomer

 Let’s talk about writing grants in the CLC context. Expect a brief overview of best practices when it comes to taking advantage of grant opportunities. Participants will then share their successes and fails in writing and implementing grants.  The workshop will culminate in the development of grant “rules of the road” that will be shared with the network.  Buckle up!

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'Group' Smarter Not Harder With Liberating Structures

Facilitators: Emma Legault & Sarah Manolson

Are you tired of reinventing the wheel every time you host a meeting or event?  Join us to learn more about Liberating Structures - a collection of simple but powerful methods for engaging groups and working smarter, not harder.  Specifically, this workshop will feature a simple method for increasing participant engagement and a method for helping groups (in this case, you!) to identify what practices can be stopped or dropped to make room for innovation. So, in addition to experiencing helpful strategies that you can use with groups in the future, you'll also leave with some concrete actions to help lead your CLC to success.

Navigating The Roadblocks, Shortcuts And Detours Of School-Community Partnerships

Facilitators: Debbie Horrocks & Katherine Dimas

We know it is vital for successful implementation of the CLC approach, so why is navigating school-community partnerships so challenging sometimes? What makes it so complex? If you want to harness the wisdom and experience of our veteran CDAs, and embrace the fresh perspectives of our newer CDAs, this workshop will offer strategies for developing, maintaining, or maybe even rethinking school-community partnerships.

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A Space For Play: The Early Childhood World Café

Facilitators: Katherine Dimas & Debbie Horrocks

Preparing children for school is considered one of the most important steps in the continuum of educational services.  This workshop will explore how CLCs can support parent outreach, school readiness, and ECE activities and programs.

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Working With Diversity: Cultural Pedagogy And Education For Reconciliation

Presenter: Sarah Manolson

Whether working in a context of overt diversity or not, this workshop will help participants know how to better speak about and implement culturally sensitive projects in CLC schools and community. While highly interactive, the session will also feature an introduction to cultural pedagogy and the launch of an exciting new educational project in Education for Reconciliation. Finally, based on direct experiences and interests from the network, we will collectively begin to draft a "guidebook" for working with diversity in CLC schools

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Problem Solving Through Peer To Peer Consulting

Facilitators: Ben Loomer & Emma Legault

Ever wish you could tap into the wisdom of other CDAs to help solve a persistent or tricky challenge?  In this workshop, CDAs will have a chance to problem solve and gain new perspectives from their peers, as they consult with one another in groups of three.  This peer-to-peer consultation session is based on a Liberating Structure called "Troika Consulting."

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