Are programs making a positive difference?

The CLC Approach places a strong value on monitoring and evaluating programs, projects and partnerships.  Community Development Agents are responsible to assess whether a project is running effectively and after a few years, making an impact.  

Meaningful evaluation should be built into all CLC Action Plans. There are different types of evaluation processes and tools which may be used throughout the life of a program/project:

•During planning, a needs assessment can help set goals and plan the best way to reach them.

•Ongoing monitoring helps keep track of successes and challenges that inform changes and adjustments to activities along the way.

•Periodic evaluations can assess a program’s outcomes, how the program generated the outcomes and any implications.

Evaluations results should be communicated with all stakeholders, creating a culture of evaluation that reflects key principles of accountability, data-driven decision making, and continuous quality improvement at all levels within the English-Speaking community.  A report template and tips to communicate effectively are available on the Communicate Impact page. Go to page 

For resources on summative evaluations, please contact the PRT.