The 5 Step Framework for Action

CLC Framework and Guidebook

The Framework for Action consists of 5 steps that guide the community school approach to promote student success and community development.

The CLC Guidebook shares tools and suggestions for each step in the framework.


Local Leadership Teams

Local leadership teams include a Community Development Agent and school administrator(s) who are supported by a school board representative and LEARN’s Provincial Resource Team. Teachers can also be part of the leadership team, particularly in schools where a community committee has been established as part of the in-school support team for their community school. Learn more about Principal Leadership in Community Schools: Go to page 

Community School Models

There are currently three models of community schools that have emerged in Quebec, each based on the needs of that community:

•Single-site CLC (one school)

•Multi-site CLC (multiple schools from different communities)

•Extended Model CLC (multiple schools within a region serving the same community). 

The Guide to CLC Extension highlights important considerations and best practices for stakeholders in extended model CLCs.