Using Data to Tell the Story

Identifying, measuring and demonstrating the impact of CLC programs and/or partnerships is key to engaging stakeholders at all levels. 

This section includes tools and models as ways to tell the story about the important work that takes place in CLCs that speak to different audiences. Communicating impact helps highlight the work of the CLC Leadership team and make visible the contribution of the CLC approach to identified outcomes.

In addition to the resources below, you can also access a replay of a webinar on Communicating Impact.
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Logos help to establish a visual identity with the public. Consistent branding can help school and community members to understand the impact of the CLC. When using the CLC logo in documents: 

•Do not edit the logo 

•Avoid 'crowding' by leaving at least one inch of clear space around the logo

•Check with your principal(s) and communications department for information on the use of your school and school board's logo