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The Provincial Resource Team (PRT) provides Professional Development opportunities adapted to the evolving needs of community schools (CLCs) serving the English-speaking population of Quebec.





2021/2022 upcoming PD sessions:

Young Carers in the Classroom

Sensitizing staff to the challenges young carers face and discussing ways that they can be supported at school.
Dec 8 3:00 PM
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Building Health Partnerships in CLC Schools

A webinar for Community Development Agents (CDAs) and education stakeholders working with CLC Schools to learn more on the benefits of developing strong partnerships with local Networking and Partnership Initiative coordinators (NPIs) that support health and wellbeing in schools and community.
Dec 13, 2021 10:00 AM
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2020/2021 PD Sessions Replays:

Preparing for Next School Year: Program Evaluation & Planning, Part 1 
This is the first of a two-part session about evaluation and planning for the 2020-2021 school year. Learn more about what you can do in advance (and how) to support the planning process (e.g., conduct a mini-evaluation of CLC activities, consult with key people and documents, take a look at service delivery indicators in your OMR etc.).
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Preparing for Next School Year: Program Evaluation & Planning, Part 2
For part two of the series, we focused on completing the CLC Action Plan Template, after
reviewing an example of a well-developed Action plan and looking closely at the Action plan template.
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Mental Wellness Resources for CLC School Teams focuses on resources to support the mental wellness of staff, students and families. 
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Asynchronous Learning & Leadership Opportunities showcases a growing number of opportunities for students to learn and lead inside and outside of the classroom, as a group or individually. 
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Engaging and Partnering with Parents From a Distance focuses on strategies to help schools engage with parents and on tips for parents to create a supportive learning environment at home.
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Caring for our Little Ones During Periods of Uncertainty explores the various ways schools can connect with preschool children and their families. The PRT highlighted effective practices​, spotlight programs, partners​ and resources. 
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Connecting with Seniors highlights the ways CDAs, non-profit organizations and youth are connecting to Seniors, online and offline across the province. Vanessa Herrick, from Senior Action Quebec, Kevin McLeod, Executive Director of AGAPE and Rachel Chainey from Concordia's engAGE Living Labs joined us to provide insights into the efforts being made to reach this community during isolation. 
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CLC Approach to Environmental Education and Sustainability provided an opportunity to follow community mapping exercises while considering how to engage partners, school staff, families and community.
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