Three Voice Choir

“ Wonderful! We hope to see this every year “ - Member of town council


In recent years, Community Learning Centre at Flemming Elementary school has been working to  making the school more accessible and inclusive to the community, and to expose students staff and community to different cultural activities. To accomplish this, a variety of activities and programs are being developed with the collaboration of local partnerships. For the 2017 holiday season, four schools, from three neighbouring communities, came together to share their cultural heritage with the larger Sept-Iles community.

The “Three Voice Choir” event was orchestrated by the music teachers from école Camille-Marcoux and école Bois-Joli (Commission Scolaire du Fer), as well as two classroom teachers from école Johnny Pilot (Innu elementary school) and two classroom teachers from Flemming Elementary school.

This project allowed students to share their culture with other students, their families and the community.  In addition to learning songs in their primary language, students each learned a song in each of the other two languages, so that all chorists sang together for three songs (in English, French, and Innu).

In addition to allowing the students to exchange with one another, the performance was a huge success in bringing community together, with over 1000 people in the audience as families, grandparents, community members gathered to see the choir perform.


 “It was very touching, made me emotional “ - parent from Johnny-Pilot


This event was also featured in Le Nord-Cotier newspaper, in French:

(download the PDF here)




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