Effective Communication

There are many ways to communicate with stakeholders. You can use the tools on this page to assist with promotional efforts, the development of communications strategies and to explain what the CLC initiative is all about. 

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What Is A CLC School?

Schools that are Community Learning Centres invest in partnerships that provide a range of services and activities, often beyond the school day, to help meet the needs of learners, their families, and the wider community. Their aim is to support the holistic development of citizens and communities.

Some of the key results anticipated from CLC schools are:

• Provide access to the conditions deemed necessary for student success

• Respond to the particular culture and needs of the communities they serve

• Provide services that are accessible to the broader community

• Deliver a range of services that are self-supporting and sustainable over time

• Integrate existing services and resources with those available from external agencies

• Develop financial/resource partnerships that ensure long-term sustainability

• Resonate within their communities as a successful response to their needs

• Demonstrate flexible and innovative approaches to service delivery


OMR Highlights Infographic Template

The editable version of this infographic template is in your school board folder in the CLC’s Google Drive: