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Teaching and Learning Tools (CW)

Evaluation Strategies (LEARN & Partners)

PACC Adult Education Evaluation Support materials
Teachers Matthew Taddeo and John Mackett, working alongside Pedagogical Consultant Shiela Sachdeva, have produced a series of sample questions and a complete review test with curated documents.  These tools effectively support the intellectual operations for the Adult Contemporary World 1 course (Environment Population, Wealth).  Their working Google Doc folder is available now!  Go to site

Learning Situations (LEARN & Partners)

Tensions & Conflicts - Rwandan Genocide Learning Intentions document collection
A working set of documents and other curated resources in support of program-specific learning intentions (targetted knowledge in the precisions).  Also, this collection uses three Model Teaching strategies suggested in the MEES C.W. training sessions in 2018. 
To access working Google Document:   Go to site 


Tensions & Conflict: The Rwandan Genocide through graphic novels and interviews
An examination of history through media, using interviews and video testimonials of survivors, and through use of the graphic novel Smile Through the Tears. 

Teacher's Guide Word doc:  Download  PDF version:  Download  
Student Booklet Word doc:  Download  PDF version:  Download 

Wealth:  Distribution of Wealth and Emerging Economies
(Balancing social justice with economic development)

An approach that looks at poverty and economic disparity around the world, examines causes and reflects on our own role as consumers.  Students look at products we use in everyday life, media representations of those products, and consider real responses from youth in the emerging economies where those products are produced.  Archive of older Google Doc version:  Download

Power:  The sovereignty of states and economic or political associations 
The case of Turkey and the European Union

LES that examines economic and political associations.  Focus on European Union, history and issues in general, then interpretation specifically around the entry application of Turkey to join the EU.  Link to archived Google Doc version:  Go to site

Tensions and Conflict: Behind and Beyond the Oil Barrel
LES on the theme Tension and Conflict, focussing on present-day issues surrounding oil production and related foreign interventions.
Student Logbook PDF:  Download   Teacher's Guide:  Download


LEARN Web-based tools

Cartograf Mapping and Drawing Application
LEARN-RECITUS open-source, interactive web-based mapping and drawing application. It allows students and teachers to create and share maps, collect and analyze images, and work collaboratively on class projects!  Go to page


Making Sense of World Conflicts
Teach about war and conflict using this free resource for teachers Oxfam.

Teaching Divided Histories - International Conflict from Schools Online.
five lessons that describe and summarise conflicts that have taken place in Northern Ireland, India, Lebanon, Sierra Leone and South Africa  


Section under construction. 
Send lessons you have found or made for CW to

Curated Resources: Key Sites, Maps & Video Collections


RECITUS Monde contemporain resources
Visit the main RECITUS resources section to search for Contemporary World resources in French  Go to site

Taking it Global
A resource site and community action platform that also contains theme-related search abilities and "action tools" related to various global issues.   Go to site


Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Go to site

Environment & Society Portal by @env_and_society
Gateway to open access resources on the human-environment relationship. 


List of ongoing armed conflicts on Wikipedia
Identifying present-day conflicts and the death toll associated with each conflict. Go to site

Amnesty International
Well-known human rights organization.  View also their country by country listings for various issues and conflicts. Go to site




Daniel Rouillard's Monde contemporain class videos
Here's a teacher really putting in some hard (and fun!) work for his students. Check out his Contemporary World videos here !

Emilie Bowles' amazing Youtube Playlists! 
FGA RECIT Consultant, Ms. Bowles has collected many videos that also align with the Secondary Contemporary World course content areas: 
Environment   |    Population   |    Wealth   |    Power   |    Tension & Conflict 

UN Audiovisual Library
Main site here for Archives, current and live videos.  But check out their search tool!
Universal Declaration of Human Rights Multilingual Video Collection
Search by "Article number" Go to siteCollection

Environmental Film Profiles (videos) from Environment & Social Portal
Video content on multiple facets of the environment-society relationship Go to site

TED talks Topics:  Example on Environment: 
A collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of Environment. Go to site
Or just browse all topics here!

CNN Videos
Still a good place for brief videos of events around the world Go to site  

BBC Video Headlines
Video section of headlines of world news   Go to site

AP Archives (Associated Press Youtube archives)
View AP Archive’s videos via this channel – the collection offers 1.7 million global news and entertainment video stories, which date back to 1895   Go to site - A few relevant video collections
Environment:   Reduce, Reuse & Rethink  |  1000 Days for the Planet   |  Human Impact on the Environment  |  Arctic Meltdown  |  
Conflict and Tensions:   War and Peacekeeping    



Global Conflict Tracker by 
Great reference for current conflicts around the world. Go to site

Environmental Justice Atlas 
A teaching, networking and advocacy resource, database, to learn more about the often invisible conflicts taking place. Go to site

Videos and an app for generating statistical representations of world issues and realities over time.  Note also the teacher section for older resources.  Go to site

A collection of world maps called cartograms, where territories are re-sized on each map according to the subject of interest. Go to site

MapsNWorld site
Older site but still some useful visual representations according to different issues.  Ex. World Environmental Issues map and World Climate change.  Go to site

Views of the world
Blog with resources and maps with different perspectives for thinking about world issues. Go to site

Measuring and Mapping Water Risk Go to site 

Center for Systemic Peace, conflicts tables
Older data you might want to verify elsewhere. Conflict trends page has graphics:  Go to site 

Global Conflict Risk Index
"an index of the statistical risk of violent conflict in the next 1-4 years and is exclusively based on quantitative indicators from open sources."  Go to site 


Professional Learning in Social Sciences

UDL in a Social Sciences Context:  
Resources and Challenges in a Digital Age

Thinking about how you might adjust your History content and practices for all learning styles and experiences?  LEARN online resources, in line with the secondary and new adult education history courses, can help you engage your students, explore, use and also interpret events for a variety of situations.  Recently I shared a presentation on new templates structured around UDL with some teachers at the ACE Online summit.  A video presentation on the First part on Engage is available at   

Social Sciences Online and in a Digital Age

Follow along as new learning scenario examples are added throughout the year.  You will find tips, tricks and tools to help you teach online and in a digital age, using LEARN’s various resources, in response to the QEP program's approaches and according to an inquiry learning model.  Visit the Secondary version   Visit the Elementary Version   (Note too that in 2020 Paul Rombough also presented these strategies in an information online session available here.)

LEARN Blog entries for Social Sciences teachers

The LEARN blog is full of fascinating articles, all of which can contribute to your development as a teacher... and they are fun to read!  Here are a few especially for us Social Sciences folk:

  • Learning in Place: Working towards a local history learning toolkit Go to page
  • - First Stop on a Journey Through Territory & Time Go to page
  • Teachers as Cultural Facilitators in the Social Sciences Go to page
  • Beginners No More: Social Sciences Online in a Digital Age Go to page
  • Podcasts for Professional Development  Go to page 
  • Feedback Street: Formative Assessment in History.  Go to page 
  • Flipped History: A new approach for a new curriculum.  Go to page
  • History of Quebec and Canada – Planning for a new curriculum.  Go to page
  • Rapping Across the Curriculum.  Go to page
  • A Time and a Place for Elsewhere: The Role of Context...  Go to page
  • Geolocalize it: The global context of everything.  Go to page
  • iPadding… upstream! How do you manage it?  Go to page
  • 3 a.m. blogging, and why social sciences should be social, & public! Go to page
  • Cartograf: Taking time for power mapping.  Go to page
  • Imagining a more meaningful and contributive future for education.  Go to page
  • History, reality…. and parties.  Go to page
  • Life stories in the classroom, and beyond!  Go to page

Media and Podcasts in Social Sciences

After posting the excellent blog post by Matt Russell on Podcasts for Professional Development on the LEARN main blog, we started up a section dedicated to online media for PD for the Social Sciences teacher.  Go to page


Learning Communities & Professional Associations

Various associations and groups allow SocSci teachers to communicate and share, and to develop as professional learners.  Here is a list of few key groups:

  • Secondary 3 History Professional Community
    Commununauté Histoire du Québec et du CanadaGo to site 
  • Quebec Association of Geography Teachers and Global Educators Go to site 
  • L'Association Québécoise pour la didactique de l'histoire-géographie. Go to site 
  • Association québécoise pour l’enseignement en univers social. Go to site 
    Visit and join their Facebook page and group too!  Go to site 
  • Société des professeurs d'histoire du Québec. Go to site 
  • Le groupe des responsables de l'univers social. Go to site 

Our Presentation on Historical Thinking (Matt R and Paul R)

Matt R. (WQSB) and I (Paul R from LEARN) presented on HIstorical Thinking concepts and strategies at LCEEQ a few years back.  Here are a few ideas and resources we presented: 

MEQ (Previously MEES) Program Documents - Secondary

Below you will find various Ministry of Education program and evaluation documents for the Secondary Social Sciences domain.  (Contact Paul R. if you find broken links!)

Quebec Secondary Programs in Social Sciences
The QEP program documents describe course aims, competencies to develop, and course content.

Cycle 1 History and Citizenship Education  Download

Cycle 1 Geography Program Go to site    Download

Cycle 2 History of Quebec and Canada Sec. 3 & 4 program Download

Cycle 2 History of the 20th Century    Download

Cycle 2 Cultural Geography Download

Cycle 2 Financial Education Program Download

Cycle 2 Contemporary World  Go to site   (Or view PDFs for Four credits  Two credits

Note that the Ministry (MEES) Programs of Study page, where you will find these "General Education" Secondary School Programs and older programs too, is now online here:  Go to site  


Progression/Precision of Learning documents

Cycle 1 History & Citizenship   Go to site

Cycle 1 Geography  Go to site 

Cycle 2 Contemporary world  Go to site   (Or view PDF's for Four credits or Two credits)

History of Quebec & Canada.   (See instead "knowledge" within the program Download)

Evaluation Frameworks

Below are links to the individual evaluation frameworks.  You can also visit the main MEES site and browse by subject to review them  Go to site

Cycle 1 and 2 - History & Citizenship Education  Download

Cycle 2 (New) History of Québec and Canada program  Download

(Older) History & Citizenship Education framework  Download

Cycle 1 Geography framework  Go to site   (Or Download

Contemporary World online version Go to site   (Or Download

Financial Education  Go to site   (Or Download


BAMD:  MEES approved books site
Bureau d'approbation du matériel didactique

Go to site


MEES sample "Document files" from training sessions

1608 and 1760 - Document File: Cities in Canada

1840-1896 - Document File: Socio-cultural expression  

1896 to 1945 - Document File: Education and technical training

1896-present - Document File: Challenging capitalism

1945-present - Document file: Language issue

1980-present - Document File: Information Era

Origins to present - Document File: Inuit nation  




Paul Rombough

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