Issues of Using Media

When you use media within a project you have to be sure you respect the copyright of the owner. Even if a site says you can use the media freely, you must cite who the creator is and where you got the image.

For help in creating citations,

What does that mean? This article, The Ultimate Guide to Finding Free, Legal Images Online can help you. Go to site

Creative Commons

At Creative Commons you can find videos, images, music and more for use. People share their work at creative commons under a creative commons license. There are a variety of licenses available, each specifying how people can use the material. You may see the creative commons license on various sites. The creative commons site also has a searchable database of media.
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You can also watch their video: Wanna Work Together?
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There are different licenses that explain how and where you can use materials. Read this infographic to find out more:
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Where to Search for Creative Commons Licensed Materials

Creative Commons Search

A great place to start is on the Creative Commons licensed Materials webpage which has a search bar. Go to site

Here is how to use it:

  1. You simply enter your search query (the key words to find what you want)
  2. Click beside the box modify, adapt, build upon if you want to be able remix, crop, or change what you find in any way.
  3. Choose the site you want to search (e.g. Flickr for pictures).
  4. You will then be directed to the images / sounds that were found which you can use depending on the license.


Another useful website is PhotosForClass which provides images that will automatically have a proper citation printed into the caption of the image. Go to site

Google Image Search

When searching for media on Google:

  • Put in your search term(s).
  • Select Images.
  • Select Advanced Search (under the cog wheel at the top right).
  • Select Usage Rights (this lets you select the level of license you need) and select Free to Use - then click Advanced Search at the bottom.
  • If the student wishes to modify the image (add text over it or other images) they have to select Free to Use Share or Modify - then click Advanced Search at the bottom.


Click in the search box at the top and put in your search term.
Just below the word Photos you will see "any license". Select the appropriate license.
The new search will eliminate photos that do not fit the license.