Neighbourhood Daycare Kids Go to School

Once a month, children from 5 daycares come to Portneuf Elementary School for story time. The project, called “Lisons ensemble vers l’école” has two goals. First and foremost, the activities are meant to promote literacy and the love for books, as much for the preschoolers, as for the young students reading to them. Secondly, inviting the little ones to the "big" school helps ready them for their transition from daycare to pre-K or Kindergarten. Children from the privately-operated daycares nearby walk to the school, where they get to experience using the cubbies, the cafeteria and the library.



After a nice walk, the children are greeted in the cafeteria with a cup of water. Each one also gets a coloured name tag with a picture of an animal. The students from the grade 2 French class then arrive and are paired with the daycare children using the name tags with similar pictures.

Once the groups are formed, they all move silently to the library. The children then choose from a selection of 105 different early childhood board books and find a quiet place to read. This is when the magic happens, the grade twos become the "big kids that can read" and are responsible for one or two younger ones during this special storytelling time. The activity ends with a story being told to the whole group by the French teacher.

The project was made possible thanks to funding from the Instance Régionale de Concertation de la Capitale-Nationale. for the promotion of preschool literacy initiatives.


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