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Schools often work with Community Organizations to offer services to children 0-5 and their parents in a variety of workshops and events. These parent-and-tot sessions are often a great way to learn about the services and opportunities available at school and in the community, to help prepare your child for their eventual transition to preschool or Kindergarten. 

LEARN has been supporting early childhood initiatives through its network of community schools (CLCs) for over 12 years. This year, Community and Education will come together to share knowledge and build stronger relationships in support of Early Childhood Education for the English-Speaking Community of Quebec. LEARN’s PRT is co-designing the symposium and it promises to be informative, interactive and offer opportunities for intersectoral collaboration and networking. 

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Early Childhood Provincial Action Plan

Bright Beginnings is an adapted approach to supporting English-speaking children 0 to 5 years old and their families. CHSSN and their partners combined their efforts and experiences along with other English community organizations across Quebec (including LEARN's PRT and the CLC network) to help inform the development of this provincial framework. 

Bright Beginnings is an approach that responds to specific risk factors often faced by English-speaking children and their families such as:
- lack of services available in English;
- increased isolation and mental health problems; and
- high percentage of parents living on low incomes.

Download a copy of the framework below:

Bright Beginnings Model - Go to Page 

Provincial Action Plan - Go to Page 

Parent-Child Programs

Books to Belly Program

Books to Belly!  is a program designed to encourage  essential skills by offering a series of literacy-related activities for parents or caregivers and their children (Aged 5 to 12), that can be replicated in a home setting.  go to site 

Mother Goose

Parent-child program to promote early (oral) literacy in children and model skills to parents. There is a cost related to training facilitators and paying them for animating the program, but it is free for parents to attend

Parent-Tot Playgroup

Volunteer-run playgroup where parents can get together and children have free play, 2 hours a week

Runs on a $25 startup and donations from Maxi, Provigo and Costco (who love to get “thank you” pictures to display in their stores.

0-3 Parent-Child Group

10 week sessions led by partners on various themes :: creates a judgment-free space for parents to network

Access to Book For Tots

Book Muncher / Croque-Livres / Little Lending Library

A place for exchanging previously-owned children’s books. You can buy or build a little lending library and add it to the growing network of Croque-Livres in Quebec – go to site 

Book Bag Project

Families are given a bag of books to take home for each child

Library Services

Opening up the library to families with children 0-5 before they enter school (during parent-child programs)

Some schools have trained parent volunteers to check out books to parent-child program participants, even if the children are not officially students in the school (yet!)

Family Literacy Events

Literacy events are opportunities for the entire family to come together and participate in reading or storytelling activities. 

Events may already exist in the community, at local libraries or community centres. Schools will often organize in literacy-focused events. Start there and see if there is anything you could add to make it more inviting to families with younger children, and even to seniors in the community.

Some examples from the CLC network include "I Love to Read Week", D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read) mornings, "Books, Bears and Blankets" evening, reading in tents in the gym or playground, grandparent storytelling, reading in the park, etc.