If you're planning to host a VC, this tool is for you!

It includes everything you need to think about to masterfully execute an interactive videoconference experience from start to finish!

Click on Technical Support for quick-start guides and tips on "VC Etiquette" for participants.

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Featured Providers



Resource Person:  Stephanie James ($)

T: 514-273-6144

E: sjames@skills4ueducation.com

W: www.skills4ueducation.com 

Recommended by: Cindy Elston, Centennial Regional High School.


Resource Person: Royal Tyrrell Museum ($)

T: 403-823-7707

W: www.tyrrellmuseum.com

Recommended by: Audrey Ottier, Riverdale/Riverview


Resource Person:  Rhonda Ridgeway, McMillen Center for Health Education ($)

T: 260-456-4511

E: rridgeway-hall@mcmillencenter.org

Recommended by: Dermot Guinnane, Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School

Evaluation Forms

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For Teachers

Ask teachers at your school to complete this short evaluation form online after each VC they host! go to site 

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For Parents, Partners & Community Members

You can also send participants a link to the survey via email.

If you use print copies of the survey, you are responsible for entering information collected online (i.e., fill out the online survey with your participant's responses). Please do not send written surveys to the PRT. 

Technical Support


You can download a CISCO Meeting App on your Smartphone or Tablet.


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VC Etiquette for Adults - Download File 

CISCO Meeting (Formerly ACANO) User Guide - Download File