Honoring the culture and history of First Nations, Inuit and Métis students is linked to increased engagement and success. And we challenge ALL schools to engage in reconciliatory gestures and awareness. For assistance with Education for Reconciliation projects in your CLC, please contact the PRT.


Check out the resources below or share with others (like teachers!) to help inspire an Indigenous project at your CLC school!

Stories from CLC Schools

“Projects of Heart” and related activities done in the 2012-2013 school year.

Project of Heart  – explanation of the six steps of the project, a great arts-based project about IRS history and contemporary issues for students (including elementary).

Great list of IRS-related & historical resources for elementary and high school - including books, videos, online tools, copies of historic documents, maps etc.

100 Years of Loss Kit - an excellent curriculum kit for grades 6 and up about the Apology and IRS history with 12 lesson plans, supporting resources and visual aids, and teacher briefing sheets (Order page - recommended you request the ‘teacher bundle’ rather than the ‘edu kit’)


The First Nations Child and Family Caring Society has many projects worth support – two I want to highlight are

Shannen’s Dream clubs and/or the Our Dreams Matter Too walk & letter writing campaign each June. Both teach student about the contemporary issue of education equity for Aboriginal students on-reserve.

The Shannen’s Dream web link also has many great school resources, including worksheets for primary/elementary grades (i.e. “This is what a safe & comfy school looks like”).

Once your class has learned anything about IRS you may find it a great application to have them write a statement on this national legacy page (an historic opportunity!).

‘Where Are the Children’ bookshelf of teacher resources, sorted into grades “9-10”, “11-12” and “Lifelong Learners.”

Wapikoni Videos on Land & Environment - Download File 

Aboriginal Listserv

If you are interested in getting on the email list for updates on programs, events and grant opportunities related to Education for Reconciliation, contact the PRT. You can also check out the  LEARN's Education for Reconciliation webpage