ArtistsInspire: Interactive Youth and Family Workshops are being offered by local artists to the community online in collaboration with the English Language Arts Network (ELAN).
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The best way to engage with the Arts at home is to make art every day! It doesn't have to be complicated or elaborate - just do something artistic each day.
Here is a way to get started - the 30 Days of Art challenge.

30 Days of Art

How to Take the 30 Days of Art Challenge at Home

1. Parents, get the Teachers’ Kit - download

2. Print out the poster, or display it on your computer

3. Print out the student log sheet.

4. Make Art (the most important step!)

5. Use stickers or markers to fill in the bubbles

6. Brainstorm other challenges and add them to your poster

7. Make more art! (so important that we've included it twice)

30 Days of Art Poster

The classroom sized 30 Days of Art poster is available from your school board consultant. Here is a high resolution 11" x 17" copy for you to download and print yourself.



Chrome Music Lab

Explore and make music using different musical frameworks and instruments online.


Visual Arts



An free online sketching software. You can buy a desktop version for 4.95USD.



Technique / Skills


Carla Sonheim

Sonheim is an artist and art educator as well as the author of Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists: 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun!(Quarry Books, 2010). Check out her free classes.


The Kitchen Table Classroom

Art technique (video) and ideas for kids and parents. Some of these veer into crafting, but accessible content nonetheless.


How to Draw Anime


Top Anime/Manga tutorial YouTube channels



Art Online


Musée des Beaux Arts de Montréal MBAM




The Metropolitan Museum of Art


National Portrait Gallery


Shadow puppet theatre how-to from We Have Kids


Shadow puppet templates