ArtistsInspire: Interactive Youth and Family Workshops are being offered by local artists to the community online in collaboration with the English Language Arts Network (ELAN).
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This section includes resources for parents to help school-age children flex their English Language Arts muscles. Discover what passions a child has and provide opportunities to read, write, talk, and get creative in sharing what they are learning.


Getting Creative with Multimedia

Family Treasure Challenge

Make a video about a Family Treasures - Flipgrid intro video capsule and sample of a Family Treasure video. Includes a how to guide and information sheet to help with research questions. It's a great chance to have a student call a relative and learn about family history. Go to site 

Story Jumper

Kids create their own books online. Types of books include, ABCs, All about Me or tales about heroes and monsters. Go to site 

Trading Card Creator

After reading a great book, take your love of the story and characters to the next level by making trading cards. Go to site 

Writing and Talking @ Home

Writing Prompts

Writing prompts to help young writers to think through real or imagined events, their emotions, and a few wacky scenarios. For example, What is your first memory? Describe it. - Go to site 

Help a Child Write a Story (Grades 2-4)

Step by step tips on how to support a child to write their own story. - Go to site 


Books and activity ideas to guide and stimulate talking and discussions. - Go to site 

Reading Resources @ Home

Scholastic learn at home

Short books and activities for grades 1-2. Go to site 

Storyline Online

Read aloud books perfect for K-3. Go to site 


400 book and video pairings.  FREE 3 month trial, or access through your LEARN account. Go to site 

NFB - Based on Children’s books

Selection of films based on books for kids. Go to site 

National Film Board (NFB) Educational Playlists

Educational playlists are selections of films on themes that tie in with Canadian curricula and address the important issues of the day. Many of the playlists are also linked to study guides. Go to site 

NFB Animation

Animated films produced by the NFB that are different and delightful. Go to site