LEARN Tutoring & Online Class FAQ

This page contains some handy information about our online classroom platform, eSpace. If you are having problems connecting, please read this page BEFORE calling our support line at 1-877-647-6060.

Quick Start Guide

LEARN eSpace Quick Start Guide for Tutoring Students Download

General Questions

Where can I access my online course/tutoring?

A: LEARN Tutoring students will be provided with a direct link to access their tutoring appointment. LEARN online/blended students in Real-Time and Self-Paced classes should access their classes by logging in through the LEARN website.

Are your online courses/tutoring offered on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets?

A: Unfortunately, our online services are only compatible with a laptop or desktop computer.


Technical Difficulties

Before you start looking at common problems, please verify these things : 

1. You are using the Chrome Browser (you can install it here ).

2. You have enabled microphone and video privileges for the website. (check how to do this here )

3. You are connected to a network and it is being detected by the service. This indicated by the blue WiFi icon above the chat.

 When the icon is a solid blue as in the picture, you are connected successfully.

Problem: I cannot I hear anything in the room


1. Hard refresh the page by pressing Ctrl + R keys or for Mac Command + Shift + R keys. 

2. Close your browser, unplug your headset and plug it back in before entering the course again.

3. If all other options do not work, you can connect the audio via telephone (See bottom of page). 

Problem: My microphone does not work


1. Avoid using Apple earbuds. The built-in microphone may not work on your computer.

2. Close your browser, unplug your headset, and plug it back in and try accessing the course again.

3. Make sure the microphone is not muted. It will be blue when it is not muted.

 (The middle symbol) This is what the microphone symbol looks like when your mic is detected and not muted.

Other technical problems


Many browser issues can be solved by clearing the Chrome browser cache (i.e. information stored by the browsers to help pages load faster).

1. Select the three dots from the top right of the browser window;

2. Select "More Tools";

3. Select "Clear Browsing Data…"

4. Uncheck all options except for the last one, "Cached images and files"

If these solutions do not solve your problem, please call our support number toll free: 1-877-647-6060