The English Language Arts program in Quebec emphasizes the use of language for communicating, learning and living in a pluralistic society.  LEARN offers tools that focus on authentic opportunities for students to write, talk and produce text/media for a specific audience.  


Teaching and Learning Tools

Feature Project Idea:  Interactive Reading Maps

"Our PDIG  proposed ways toaddress the Media Pursuit of the Advanced 5 Balanced Literacy Framework by creating an interactive map for students to track their reading experiences and consequently their learning. Essentially, we are hoping that students will locate their various texts on a world map and use places on their map to talk about how their texts contribute to a broader cultural conversation." 

Read more about Ruwani and Heather's project in our blog entry:
Interactive Reader Maps in the English Language Arts Classroom

View the following English language Arts (ELA) sample Cartograf mapping scenarios, based on Heather and Ruwani’s project,  on Cartograf here:

Take Me to Your Culture!
Map your Literature Circle Novel
Map your Author
Trace the Voyage of the Odeyak


Spoken Word Resources

Spoken word inspires students to follow the writing process to produce poetry they are passionate about. From brainstorming, writing, and editing to performance of a polished piece, engage your students in contemporary themes and topics. Spoken word is a dynamic way to get students to achieve ELA competencies - read, write and talk!

Ten Things to be True (brainstorm activity) - Download 

Introduction to Spoken Word - Download 

Spoken Word Rubric - Download 

Poetry Analysis Tool - Download 

Peer Evaluation Tool - Download

Open Mic Checklist - Download

Register for the Quebec Youth Slam Qualifiers here! - Registration Link


Media Production

The Media Production handbook offers strategies and resources to scaffold student production of media. The production process tools help students clarify thoughts, ideas and storyboard before diving into the technology.

Digital Storytelling

Storyboard template - Download resource 

Digital Storytelling Checklist for Students (Formative Evaluation Tool) - Download resource 


Producing a Podcast

Tools to scaffold the podcast production process – Graphic organizers to storyboard, write a script, and have a clear plan.

DWAC - Differentiating Writing Across the Curriculum

Differentiating Writing Across the Curriculum (DWAC) is a toolkit to scaffold student writing across genres.  From autobiography to article, photo essay to fantasy – DWAC includes graphic organizers and more to help avoid writer’s block.

Response Cards and Guide

Students don’t know what to say? Get the conversation moving with response cards.  Includes a teacher guide with tips on using it in the classroom.

Problem Solving Cards

An activity to get students writing and responding from different points of view.  Each activity has instructions, links to the QEP (Broad Areas of Learning and Cross-Curricular Competencies), and teacher tools.

How To - English Language Arts

Clever tutorials aimed at students to help them communicate through different genres.

Professional Learning

Resources that support the teaching and evaluation of English Language Arts in Quebec

  • Literacy Today Quebec. Teacher Inspired ELA Resources. Go to site 
  • Quebec Reading Connection. Connecting the Québec Education Program to the World of Books. Go to site 
  • DEELA. Learning and Evaluation Situations. Go to site 
  • The Association of Teachers of English of Quebec (ATEQ) Go to site 

Curated Resources Elementary

Digital Citizenship. Go to site 

Q&A: Copyright Rules for Quebec Schools. Download 

Copyright Matters! Download 


Curated English Language Arts Resources - Elementary

Made with Padlet


Curated Literacy Resources for Educators


Curated Vocabulary Instructions

MEES Program Documents


Elementary Education-English Language Arts. Go to site 

Framework for the Evaluation of Learning - Elementary School                                            Cycles One, Two and Three - Download 

Progression of Learning – Elementary ELA. Download 


Secondary Cycle One – English Language Arts. Download 

Secondary Cycle Two – English Language Arts. Download 

Progression of Learning in Secondary School. Go to site