History Program Tracing document for Black presence

This is a personal project (part of my Essential Counter Histories project) to trace some direct and indirect examples of the participation of Black individuals and cultures in Quebec’s long and complex historical narrative, as it is outlined in our HQC Secondary 3 and 4 history program.  I have also included comparative references for Black experiences “elsewhere” in the world, and even some less-established and occasionally controversial ideas that, at the very least, allow for some perspective.  In other words, readers should click the linked examples, visit the source websites, and verify all sources to their own conclusions!   

That's right, this is a live working document and it can change often. And, yes, please feel free to send other examples suggestions to me at prombough@learnquebec.ca

Teachers can open the Google Slides version in a separate window to read the presentation notes for expanded references and explanations. It can also be copied and used in other ways.  Blank versions are also available to trace other groups this way.

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Tracing Black History - Google Slide Document