Indigenous Peoples History(ies)

"It must be acknowledged that there is not a homogenous Indigenous worldview, and that each Indigenous nation or community will have their own worldview." (Source: And so, while one can (and should) recognize common elements, and reasons why we all need to admit to a similar and often shared experience of indigenous peoples as a whole in Canada, one cannot really say there is a single indigenous history to be mapped into a single document. Not when, for example, even within our borders we can count so many different languages (50+), cultures, and societies.  

Again, the HQC program does refer to and examine many contributions of a variety Indigenous peoples to our shared history, but as above, while naming some it often leaves others out, and these the active historian can find and dig further to try to understand.  That was our experience, and so as we worked to research different individuals, groups, and events, we tried also to note down the times we veered from the program's specific choices (as concerned indigenous history or histories) by using this icon.

Occasionally I was disciplined enough to create specific variations of the icon, noting perhaps a different Kanien'kehá:ka (Mohawk) perspective or source, or an Innu (Montagnais) one, or perhaps even to note the presence and influence of First Nations whose territories were outside of present-day Quebec or Canadian borders and are rarely mentioned.  All that being said, remember we were not and will not be trying to build any specific Indigenous history curriculum by doing this (that would be for each First Nation's experts, scholars and elders to do for themselves).  Rather, we are simply noting when we find Indigenous histories that interest us and that go beyond what the program specifically notes.  And, as often as we can, we invite Indigenous collaborators and/or draw from original local sources.  In this way, we hope to provide a model teachers can follow too.

Links to various examples in our collections... coming soon.