Welcome to the Secondary Ethics and Religious Culture resources page on LEARN.  The ERC program allows your child to acquire or consolidate an understanding of how all individuals are equal in terms of right and dignity.  Students learn to reflect on issues and explore different ways in which Québec's religious heritage.  They learn about other religious traditions ... in which different values and beliefs coexist.

Need inspiration?  Check out our ERC Teacher Stories by Rosalba, Amanda, Francine, Audrée Anne, Natasha and Harriet!  Go to page. Looking for Elementary ERC?  Go to page

Teaching and Learning Tools

Reflects on ethical questions

Learning Situations & Activities  

Below you will find various Learning and Evaluation Situations (LESs) written by Anglophone resources and MEQ consultants. You will also find Teacher-shared sample activities and links to related educational activities available online and external to LEARN.   

Browse resources grouped according to themes: 


Freedom of Expression in the Media.  (MEQ LES.)  Go to site 


Autonomous People  (MEQ LES, Non-validated, from French.  Download 

Illegal?  But Everyone Does It.  (MEQ LES)  Download   

Disobeying the Law & Its Impact on the Social Order.  (MEQ LES) 
Teacher tools  Download   Student booklet  Download 

"Activities: Ball Game, Identify Web, etc" shared by R. Gibson (SWLSB) Go to site 

"Activities: How can we help others?", shared by R. Gibson (SWLSB) Go to site 

"Activities: Theme of  Influence", shared by R. Gibson (SWLSB) Go to site 


Tolerance (MEQ LES now available as a Google doc version  Go to site 


Environmental Sustainability: Challenges to be met (MEQ LES now available as a Google version Go to site 


Poverty and World Hunger:  A Question of Justice (MEQ LES now available as a Google version here:  Go to site 

Thinking About Life and Death 
(Non-validated LES translated from French.) Teacher and student tools  Download


Demonstrates an understanding of the phenomenon of religion

Learning Situations & Activities  

Stories and Human Beings 
(Non-validated LES translated from French.)  
Teacher and student tools  Download 

A Heritage to Discover 
Teacher and student tools  Download

Supernatural Beings 
Teacher and student tools  Download 

Rites of Initiation 
Teacher and student tools  Download  

Art and Religion 
Teacher guide and included worksheets  Download

Religions Down Through Time: The Protestant Reformation 
Teacher and student tools  Download (Note: There is a related Cartograf scenario on Reformation available.  Go to page

Foundations of Religions Down Through Time 
Teacher guide and tools  Download     

Pilgrimages: Journeys of the Spirit 
Teacher and student tools  Download
(Note:  There is a related Cartograf scenario entitled Religious Pilgrimages Go to page

Religious References in Popular Music 
Teacher tools  Download Student booklet  Download


NOTE:  LEARN login may be required to access some LES in the list above.  

Cartograf scenarios   

Using the LES Religions Down Through Time?  
Consider using the scenario and map Reformation in Europe factors.  Go to page 

Using the LES Pilgrimages: Journeys of the Spirit?  
Consider trying the scenario and map Religious Pilgrimages:  Go to page

Graphic Organizers and Posters for ERC

These graphic organizers were adapted for the ERC program by Natalie Knott and Craig Bullett from LEARN's Focus - Secondary Cycle One print material.  

Note: Editable Google slide versions are now here!

The older PDFS with explanations/instructions are  here: Download.  Separate versions of those paper organizers are here: Download

ERC Dialogue Posters

The large versions of our ERC posters are no longer available, but here are Google Drawing versions, printable on 17x11 ledger-sized sheets.  (Click the images to download PDFs.  Or access editable drawings via these links: Drawing # 1 or #Drawing #2)

Religious Tradition Powerpoints 

Thanks to the consultants at EMSB and the working group of Catherine Cherry, Halette Djandji and Catherine Lafontaine for sharing several Powerpoint collections with the our community. Each document contains several slides with images of religious objects, representations, and their corresponding stories and contexts. Download 

s'Cool Features

Researched and written by students for the s’Cool television programme in 2009, these videos reflect the students’ preoccupations and unique voices.  Go to page  

Professional Learning

Teacher-shared project ideas for Secondary 1

Rhonda Gibson of SWLSB started us off on this adventure, and now we are asking you what you teach and when during the year, to help us build sample project ideas for each level.  Browse our start at a Secondary 1 curriculum map, and contribute your idea for a lesson during your year!   Go to page

Teacher stories

Need inspiration?  Check out some shared ERC Teacher Stories by Rosalba, Amanda, Francine, Audrée Anne, Natasha and Harriet!  Go to page 

ERC and Literacy 
Lester B. Pearson School Board, this document has been developed as a teacher resource to support the implementation of the Ethics and Religious Culture Curriculum. "One of our primary goals was to provide teachers with a planning resource that is directly linked to a number of picture books. For each of the picture books you will find the bibliographic reference, as well as, the curriculum competencies and key features."   Download

RECITDP site in French  Go to site

MEES Video and information pamphlet

Unfortunately, the original ERC over overview is no longer available.
(However, the English video is temporarily mirrored here!)

Classroom Conversations!  
Teachers express their opinions, discuss their own experiences, share teaching strategies, and learn about the new ERC program and its objectives as they go. Read about the event. View the video! 
(View below or click here for alternative clip location)

MEES Program Documents (ERC)

Programs of Study for Ethic and Religious Culture

Main MEES site for programs  Go to site
Main ERC section Go to site

Elementary Program  Go to site
Secondary Cycle 1 and 2 Go to site

Progression of Learning

Elementary Progression of Learning  Go to site 
Secondary Progression of Learning   Go to site

Evaluation Frameworks

Elementary Ethics and Religious Culture  Go to site
Also available: Report Card Weightings and Wording

Secondary Cycle One and Two:   Go to site
Also available: Report Card Weightings and Wording





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