You have questions. We have answers! Please consult the FAQ to find answers to many common questions about the services and resources offered by LEARN.

General Questions

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FAQ about Online Tutoring

What is the expected response time for a first tutoring request?

We email appointment offers within 5 working days. The first appointment will be scheduled within two weeks. Except at peak times (beginning of each session), most appointments are scheduled within a week of the first request. If you don’t hear from us within 5 working days, please reach out via email (tutoring @ There may have been an issue with your request, such as an email typo.

How do we book regular appointments?

Within 2 weeks of a student attending the first appointment, we will send out an email offer to book regular appointments for the next booking period (usually 4 - 6 weeks)

Can we book regular appointments through the entire school year? 

Appointments are booked in 4 - 8 week intervals.

How many regular appointments can a student have? 

Elementary students are eligible for a maximum of one, 30 minute appointment per week. During certain high demand periods, we may only be able to provide one appointment every other week. At times, we are able to offer last minute appointments to students on a waiting list.

Secondary students are eligible for a maximum of 2, 30 minute appointments (in different subjects) per week.  During certain high demand periods, we may only be able to provide one appointment per week. At times, we are able to offer last minute appointments to students on a waiting list.

When are tutoring appointments offered?

LEARN tutoring runs from 5 to 8:30 PM, from Monday to Thursday, during our Fall, Winter and Spring sessions. 

Where do tutoring appointments take place?

All appointments happen online. There is no need for families to leave home to take advantage of the service. All you need is a computer, earphones or speakers, and internet access.

How can I share with the tutor specific homework or questions that the student needs to work on?

Specific materials, homework or questions can be shared with the tutor in advance of the session. Please scan, photograph or send a link to before 4 PM on the day of the tutoring session and we will pass along the resources to the tutor.

Students can also ask to share their Zoom screen or share a file in the chat during the tutoring session. 

What is the schedule for LEARN Tutoring this school year?

    • Fall session: Mid-October to December break
    • Winter session: January to end of February

    • Spring session: Early April to June exams

    • No tutoring is offered during the summer. Have a great holiday!

Do you work with homeschooling families? 

Yes! If a student is registered as a homeschooler with an English school board, they can access LEARN Tutoring. In the online registration form, select the school board for the student, and then select HOMESCHOOLING from the school list.

We attend a French school. Can we use LEARN Tutoring? 

LEARN tutoring is available to students, from grades 2 to 11, registered in an English School in Quebec.

Is Tutoring offered at all grade levels?

Students can start LEARN Tutoring in grade 2 and we offer tutoring up to grade 11 (secondary 5).

Is Tutoring offered to Adult education students?

Tutoring is available only to students in the youth sector, registered to an English school, from grades 2 to 11.

What happens if a student misses appointments?

We expect 24 hours notice before a cancelled appointment. Except in case of emergency, a last minute cancellation is considered a missed appointment. Students receive a warning after each missed appointment. After three missed appointments, the student is removed from tutoring for the remainder of the school year.

May I hire LEARN’s tutors privately?

Our tutors are on contract with LEARN. We do not arrange for private tutoring.

Do students have to turn on their webcams? Will tutors have their webcams on?

Tutors and students alike are not mandated to use webcams. If there is a specific reason why webcam use would be beneficial to a student, please identify this need to the tutor. 

Webcams require a lot of bandwidth, which may be limited in some regions, and others are concerned about privacy.