Our goal with these resources is to highlight both great educational tools, as well as LEARN's awesome teachers and tutors. We hope that some of these gems will help make learning @ home productive and fun. This is also a great opportunity to feature some of the dedicated Quebec educators who continue to make a difference every day. And these... are some of their favourites!


Kelly Schofield: StudyJams! by Scholastic




LEARN Tutor/Teacher: Kelly Schofield
• Elementary Cycle 3 Resource Specialist

Favourite Resource: StudyJams!



"I often use the resources from StudyJams! with my grade 5 & 6 students. This free website from Scholastic introduces and reinforces math and science topics by using videos, step-by-step tutorials and activities. I love the simple format, the focus on math vocabulary and the opportunities to engage with the content. Parents can review hot topics with their children or extend their knowledge further. Students can learn independently using easy and fun videos and activities."

Georgia Gotsis: Ereading Worksheets



LEARN Tutor/Teacher: Georgia Gotsis
• Elementary ELA & Math K-6 Specialist
• ESL, All levels

Favourite Resource: Ereading Worksheets



"This is a terrific site for higher grades (5 and up). I discovered it while teaching in the classroom. This site offers support with all of the features of the ELA program through short videos, practice worksheets and post activities. Addittionally, it includes excellent examples of inferences activities, a large collection of writing prompts and video games. This resource was a lifesaver when I was tutoring for LEARN. I was able to assist my students quickly, present the skill, practice, and engage in conversation. Educators, parents and students will benefit from and appreciate this ELA site!"


Marie-Josée Dallaire: Jeux Sam Amuse




LEARN Tutor/Teacher: Marie-Josée Dallaire
• FLS Specialist, All Levels

Favourite Resource: Jeux Sam Amuse



"I really like this website because it enhances the tools I use with elementary students to develop and enrich vocabulary in FLS. The key to reading, writing and interacting... is to develop your vocabulary! That's why I use it for tutoring and recommend it to parents in my list of online resources. In addition, the activities are designed by FLS teachers for FLS students. This free site offers: themed vocabulary activities, short animations, as well as games that can be played alone or in pairs. A fun way for parents to accompany their children on a French language adventure!"


Reagan Niedan: The Math Learning Center


LEARN Tutor/Teacher: Reagan Niedan
• Elementary Generalist
• (Learning to be a) Math Guru

Favourite Resource: The Math Learning Center



"I love this website because the apps are free and accessible across all devices. Each app has a different virtual math manipulative that helps illustrate different math concepts. They're easy to use and fun to play with! I can't expect kids or families to have their own sets of base ten blocks or fraction rods or geometry shapes, so instead I use this site. You can too!"


Marina McKenna: Math Playground



LEARN Tutor/Teacher: Marina McKenna
• Elementary Generalist

Favourite Resource: Math Playground




"My favourite resource to practice math skills is called Math Playground. This site has fun, interactive games for students from grade 1 to grade 6! Students can choose from many different games that are organized by skill or concept and that even have different levels depending on how comfortable students are with that skill. The games range from simple operations, such as addition and multiplication, to working with integers and solving order of operations problems. Even kids who are reluctant or lack confidence when it comes to math will find success through playing these games. Parents can also engage (and have fun!) with their kids by selecting a multiplayer game and facing off in a multiplication battle."


Netty Yen: Logiciel éducatif



LEARN Tutor/Teacher: Netty Yen
• Elementary FLS, Grade 1 Specialist

Favourite Resource: Logiciel éducatif


"One of my favourite French online resources is Logiciel éducatif. This website is full of fun and interactive educational French games for children of all ages. Parents can easily navigate through the countless activities and games, as the layout of the website is extremely user-friendly. It is separated by grade level, subjects and essential topics. From basic literacy and decoding to reading comprehension and grammar, the website encompasses everything you need to practice French in an enjoyable and meaningful way. Click on the link to discover engaging educational games that will help your child progress and consolidate his/her learning in French. What are you waiting for? "

Alysia Scerri: PBS Kids



LEARN Tutor/Teacher: Alysia Scerri
• Elementary Generalist
• ESL & Math Specialist, Cycle 1

Favourite Resource: PBS Kids

"I love using PBS Kids with younger students: Pre-K to Grade 3.  Students are able to join the site with a personalized character. It offers many games and activities which can be used as a fun way to reinforce an academic task. This interactive site enables our early and struggling readers to participate. I love the All Game Topics section, as it allows for you to pick the subject you wish to focus on. If your child watches PBS, the games are centered around familiar characters which helps build that instant connection and curiosity!"

Audrée-Anne Dupont: Conjugo!



LEARN Tutor/Teacher: Audrée-Anne Dupont
• Elementary FLS, all levels

Favourite Resource: Conjugo by alloprof




"I love to use the game section of alloprof when I'm tutoring, and strongly recommend the game Conjugo! which allows students to review verbs in French that they have previously seen in class. The great thing about Conjugo! is that students can choose the verb they want to study and the verb tenses they want to practice. They can work on one verb... or as many as ten! When a student has no more lives left in the game, it will suggest the verbs or the tenses that need to be reinforced. This game is dynamic, fun and colourful. You can even download it as an app on your iPad. My students love it!''

Carolyn Ko: Prodigy Math Games




LEARN Tutor/Teacher: Carolyn Ko
• Elementary Generalist
• Math Specialist, Grades 3-6


Favourite Resource: Math games by Prodigy


"One of my favourite resources is an online math platform called prodigy. As a teacher, you can assign specific concepts to students’ accounts to practice, review and boost. Content can be modified from grade 1 to grade 8 levels. As a parent, you can monitor your child’s progress and identify areas one might be struggling with. As a student, you can battle with your avatar against classmates by casting math-related spells to collect coins and level up!"