Flipped Classroom in FSL

Grammar lessons within a Flipped Classroom context

The Flipped Classroom approach has gained in popularity over the years.  Mrs. Isabelle Hert, a French teacher from Pierre de Coubertin Elementary School (EMSB, Montreal, Quebec) has asked her students to create video lessons.   Instead of teaching French grammar rules to her students as she normally would have, she put in place a learning context in which they had to research those rules themselves, understand them and explain them to their peers.

In groups of two, the students created short lessons.  using Notebook to present the lessons on a whiteboard, a screen casting software to record the explanations and iMovie to put the video together the students then shared their lesson videos.

This whole process helped the kids to consolidate their learning about French grammar rules.

Some errors in oral French occurred during some of the narrations, which is indicative of the level of mastery of French for second language learners. The intent is to show authentic learning.

Here are a few lessons that we kept as examples of the work that was done.