Group level interviews focus on a common experience and enable participants to build on each others' thoughts.  Focus groups can be used to obtain feedback on activities/programs or new ideas.


Sample Questions

FG Questions, Health & Wellbeing (LOVE Project) - Download File 

Question Guide, FG with Teachers - Download File 

Tips and Tricks for Focus Groups

As a facilitator, refrain from actively participating in the discussion; instead, ask questions to help participants elaborate on their answers.

Pay attention to non-verbals. They can offer you cues for further conversation.

Be mindful of existing relationships and power differentials when designing your focus group; participants' comfort is key to a good conversation.


Look at the powerpoint for some more tips and Tricks.

Focus Groups PPT - Download File 

Capturing Data

When taking notes by hand, prioritize listening actively to the conversation and try to capture major conversational points rather than word for word statements.

When using a recorder, it is important to obtain participants’ consent.  It’s not just the ethical thing to do; participants’ comfort is one of the keys to a good conversation.

When using a recorder, note the recording time of significant conversation points for future reference