Learning Commons for Both Students and Seniors

“We often hear about stepping outside ourselves,
but rarely about stepping outside our generation.”
- Criss Jami, Killosophy


This quote was one of the many inspirations to open up the library and start and intragenerational activity.

One of Gault's main goals is to act as a "hub" where students, families and community members value and participate in lifelong learning activities. Opening the library to seniors during lunch hour provides them with the opportunity to learn from our students and vice-versa. There is an exchange of knowledge through the different generations.

Being a CLC school, Gault students welcomed the "newcomers" to their library. The seniors were able to adapt between the older and younger students. Each grade is excited when it is their library time; they enjoy having a relaxing time, within the school library, but not in an additional academic setting. The community members love being able to see family members and their friends within their school setting.

Every school grade, from Kindergarten to Grade 6 was involved and got allocated library time thanks to the volunteers. It is mostly grandparents and family members of students that come in and volunteer their time.

Within the school, students are now able to use the library as a learning common. This allows for an increase in reading time. Other library games allow students to have more time to practice their math and social skills. Within the community, it breaks senior isolation and contributes to community engagement and involvement within the school.

Teachers are happy that their students chose to go to the library and continue learning in an alternative way.

Gault Institute brings various stakeholders in partnerships for youth development, lifelong learning, community engagement, family support and community health and safety. Serving the Salaberry-de-Valleyfield and surrounding areas, the Gault CLC offers educational, social, recreational and family activities.

Brooke Wilson has been a Community Development Agent (CDA) for almost two years at Gault Institute and within the Salaberry-de-Valleyfield and Beauharnois region. She works closely within the school and alongside community partners to support Gault's students, families, and community.


Brooke Wilson
Gault Institute