Generosity Nourishes Everyone

Riverside School Board – Richelieu Valley CLC

On a Wednesday in November 2017, 20 second grade students walked the 1.5 km from Mountainview Elementary School (Riverside School Board) to the Otterburn Park Legion, accompanied by two school staff and five parent volunteers.  The legion hall was filled with welcoming words and warm smiles as the visitors were greeted by the members of the Women’s Participation Group (WPG) that meets every Wednesday.

The students introduced themselves, sang songs and read poetry for the seniors, and also gifted each of the ladies with a small teddy bear they had hand-wrapped in their class.  In return, Mrs. Paula (a member of WPG) offered each of the children one of her homemade gingerbread cookies. The students were excited to learn that when they flipped their cookies upside down, their gingerbread man became a reindeer!

The smiles on the faces of the children and the seniors betrayed their delight not just with the gifts but with the new friendships they had forged. Needless to say the visit was a great success, as evidenced by the sense of the community and the students’ direct experience of bringing happiness to others. Many participants commented on the  “positive energy” in the room, and teacher, Mrs. Brenda Coleman commented “It was a great afternoon! Look at all those faces. Very proud of my students.”

This outing teacher Brenda Coleman’s inspirations, as she wanted her students to engage in a project of generosity, and was supported by Mrs Nathalie (school staff) and Brian Peddar, the Community Development Agent, who facilitated the partnerships with the Women’s Participation Group Members and the Royal Canadian Legion of Otterburn Park, Qc. It was also made possible through the generosity of Mrs. Tracy M. from Chambly, Qc. who donated the teddy bears to the Richelieu Valley CLC.

The project supports two of Richelieu Valley CLC’s goals: firstly, that students are caring, aware and involved as citizens, locally and globally, and secondly, that community members and partners feel a sense of belonging and contribute to school life at RVCLC Schools.



Mountainview Elementary School 

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Mountainview Elementary School is part of the Richelieu Valley CLC, a multi-site CLC managed by a Community Development Agent.

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