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Family Engagement and Support

My Goodnight Bag is a bedtime routine kit developed by LEARN with funding from CHSSN and in collaboration with community partners. My Goodnight Bag is a project developed to support a school community’s family engagement and support strategy. 

The goal at the provincial level is to mobilize the formation of strong partnerships at the local sites and offer capacity-building training to schools and their partner organizations to respond to the needs of families with preschool-aged children. 

At the local level, CDAs and their partners collaborate to offer a workshop for families with children aged 3 to 5 on healthy bedtime routines with the aim of providing support for families in early transitions and school readiness.

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Digital Bedtime Routine Resources 

Download the Bedtime Routine Checklist 
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Download a colouring book to help reinforce each step in a healthy bedtime routine Download