Welcome to the new dedicated Secondary Cycle 1 History page.  Scan below to find learning strategies, document collections and more.  If you are looking for Cycle 2 (grade 9 & 10) materials, or want to tour other feature sections, jump back to old main History page here.


Medieval cities LES Go to site
Characterize sedentary society? Go to site
Writing in Mesopotamia? Go to site
Athens democratic?  Go to site
Romanization document collection (SWLSB and LEARN)  Go to site
RECITUS Romanization Task and Pillars of Rome Game (QR code version) Go to site
European expansion & First Peoples Go to site
New Vision of Humanity: Reformation Go to site
Causes of American Revolution Go to site

Are you looking for Cycle 1 GEOGRAPHY tasks, docs and scenarios?   Go to page

Cartograf Mapping Scenarios

The LEARN-RECITUS Cartograf mapping site is now bilingual and contains many sample mapping scenarios that can be used to demonstrate the tool for students, but also as learning scenarios and document collections in your classes.  For example, view the Mercantilism trade and key players and the Reformation in Europe factors scenarios. 

Cartograf Mapping site, tutorial videos and sample scenarios  Go to site

Curiousity Labs (Roman Empire and Athens

SWLSB consultant Dan Hedges' recent share of his inquiry-based learning packages on developing questions on Rome and Roman maps, and on Athens and the Acropolis.  A great complement to other document packages above, these includes graphic organizers and other tools.

Download Roman Empire     Download Athen & Acropolis

Essential Learnings & Formative Questions

ETSB consultant Jean Provencial and his team from Galt Secondary have recently shared their package of useful "Essential Learnings & Formative Questions".  It will be visible just below this paragraph, but only to teachers when logged in to LEARN: