DOCUMENT COLLECTION # 18 Economic Diversification

Time Period:  1608-1760
Social Phenomenon:   Evolution of colonial society under French rule

Essential Question suggestions:  
What is required for a society to function?

Intellectual Operations:
Establish facts
Determine elements of continuity and change
Determine causes and consequences   

Document Collection and guide:  
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Process suggestions:

Learning Intention 1: To explain the obstacles to economic diversification. 

- Define diversification with examples from today
- Review mercantilism, triangular trade, the Mother country
- Brainstorm examples of obstacles based on the aspects, especially economic, territorial, political

Learning intention 3:  Explain the measures taken by intendants.
-Create a Timeline of intendants and measures with examples of economic efforts, and also their successes and their failures.

For Learning intention 2:  Indicate elements of continuity and change in the fur trade
-On the above timeline,  add a "layer" for the state of fur trade onto the timeline too!   
(I.O. = Continuity and change)

Again, for Learning intention 3:   Explain measures taken by intendants:
Project idea:  Create a publicity for attracting people to a community in New France (Montreal, Trois Rivieres or Quebec) that emphasizes the job and business opportunities in the area and expected future growth.  In the publicity, the student must comment on the state of industry as a result of recent efforts at diversification and the continuing availability of opportunities in the Fur Trade industry as well. (I.O = Consequences)


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