A message to our community: LEARN has assembled a special resource page, Learn @ Home, to help parents engage students during this difficult time. Click here to find out more.

Is it a challenge to help your child with homework? Is your child struggling with some subjects or does he/she want to improve or achieve specific goals or supplement classroom learning? You can help your child succeed in school by accessing a number of key LEARN resources. Check out this section of the site to find out more about our online tutoring service, extra-curricular opportunities, and program information.

Tips on how you can help your child succeed

- Monitor child’s progress - through emails, meetings.
- Build a relationship with your child’s teachers, let them know you want to help and keep in touch.
- Attend school events, assemblies, curriculum nights, parent teacher night.
- Support their learning and celebrate their success.
- Advocate for your child and ensure that they receive all the tools and resources available to them.
- Learn with them and help them grow, be challenged, dream and reach their goals.
- Provide them with a proper homework and learning environment (quiet space with no distractions).
- Encourage your child to be active (such as sports, spend time with friends, join school committees or clubs, help with school play or event) and to be a lifelong learner.
- Volunteer when possible many opportunities available for parents to volunteer such as joining various school committees (Parent Participation Organization (PPO) or Home and School, Governing Board, Parents’ Committee).

How to support my child in French

Marla Willams et Gabrielle Guillon from CPF (Canadian Parents for French), an organization that furthers bilingualism by promoting and creating opportunities for youth to learn and use French, discuss how parents can support their child in French Immersion or the Core French program.

Listen to their podcast!