Interviews allow you to explore individual experiences and beliefs in depth.

Interview Guide Samples

Interview Guide, Exploring Community Partnerships - Download File 

Interview Guide, Teacher (exploring student impact) - Download File 

Tips and Tricks for Interviews

Listen actively and refrain from engaging in conversation.  Instead, focus on helping the interviewee to expand on what they are saying.

Allow for silence.

Validate what you are hearing

Making Sense Of Your Data

Read through your notes or listen to your recording.

Read through your notes or listen to your recording again.  This time, try and identify patterns and themes.

Take note of any statements that strike you as particularly impactful or 'quote worthy.' You may wish to include them in your evaluation report.

Name the themes and patterns you've identified (e.g., "partnership","sense of belonging")

Validate your findings by comparing them to themes and patterns identified from other sources of data.