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Evaluation Tools

Success Checker is an online tool that gives teachers and students feedback on each curriculum learning outcome for a particular course.  All students and teachers in our community have access from their personalized home page to tests and personalized study guides.  See the list of available courses:

  • Math Cycle 2, Year 1
  • Math Cycle 2, Year 2, Science option
  • Math Cycle 2, Year 2, Cultural, Social and Technical
  • Math Cycle 2, Year 3, Science option
  • Math Cycle 2, Year 3, Technical Science
  • Science & Technology, Cycle 2, Year 2
  • Science & the Environment, Cycle 2, Year 2
  • Physics Cycle 2, Year 3
  • Chemistry
  • History 404
  • History 404 part 2

Web-based tools

Here you can find varoius teaching tools and web sites that can help you with technology, lab reports, etc. Check out our growing list:

  • What is a lab report? A lab report is an information-based text. It is written to describe a scientific experiment. It is also used to analyze the results of the experiment. Go to page
  • Technological Analysis Process will help you answer… How does it work? How was it made? What science is involved? What's its impact? Go to page

  • Technological Design Process looks at how we design objects or processes to fulfill a need or improve something. Go to page

  • All About... Unit Conversion - Unit conversion is a method used to get an answer in the correct units of measurement in problems relating to math and science. Go to page

  • All About... Manipulating Significant Figures - The number of meaningful digits expressed in a numerical value is referred to as its’ number of significant figures. To be both precise and accurate, and still facilitate calculation, experimental measurements are expressed using significant figures. Go to page

  • Math Memory Aid - A memory aid is a tool that you can use to remind yourself of important information during a test or final exam. Go to page

  • LEARN's Teacher Blogs
    A few of our teachers are sharing what they are doing in their classes.  These great sites also refer to various tools, tips and tricks of the trade, and web sites.
     - McSquared
    Chris Colley - Educator's Scrapbook