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Coding to Learn

Learning to code has become an increasingly popular activity for children. This is a good trend. We feel, however, that one of the most powerful reasons for learning to code is undervalued. That reason is to be able to use code to learn. To learn art, to learn math, to learn science. Computer science is wonderful but there are so many other things that can be learned with the help of coding.

April 21, 2016

Audience : All educators

Presenters: Brian Silverman has been involved in the invention of learning environments for children, since the late 1970s. Brian is the president of the Playful Invention Company and  does design consulting  for the MIT Media Lab and LEGO. Artemis Papert is an artist creating in both traditional and digital media. After a first career as a research biologist she retrained as a Shiatsu therapist and is currently training to become a Jungian psychoanalyst.

Gamification: It’s Not All Fun And Games

Learn what gamification is and how it is so much more than just badges, experience points, and avatars. In this webinar, we’ll provide an introduction to gamification and cover several key elements of a gamified classroom. We’ll also take a look at a model being developed in Quebec General Adult Education that aims to provide students with a visual representation of course goals and milestones, recognizes student achievements + individual strengths, and encourages learners to be active participants in the learning process.

March 22, 2016

Audience : All Teachers, Adult Educators

Presenter Avi Spector is a pedagogical consultant with the Riverside School Board and the RECIT FGA Regional service. With a strong belief that pedagogy should always drive technology in the classroom, Avi helps teachers find relevant and sustainable ways of using technology to enhance learning and develop student competencies.