Love of reading + Libraries = Literacy!

Rebuilding three libraries at the three schools that make up the tri-school CLC in Gaspe-Perce, was a labour of love. A love of reading that is so important for academic achievement as well as the wellbeing of any child, student or adult. It started with the transformation of the old high school library at the Gaspe Poly. This was a long process, culling thousands of old, out of date books and removing cumbersome and unnecessary shelving. This created an open work space that invited students into the library – and stimulated the restocking of student-friendly literature. Donations came from the Centre for Literacy, the Gaspe Literacy Council and the Quebec Federation of Home and School Association.


The acquisition of grants from Chapters/Indigo – first in Belle Anse and shortly after at Gaspe elementary, was the pivotal push for reorganizing/rebuilding the libraries at these schools. They are also built on an “open-concept” which makes the space very inviting for students and staff. Many students, staff and family members have lent a hand in one way or another in helping to make these libraries a reality. Ms. Lili Sun, library consultant for ESSB – has been and continues to be a very helpful resource for all three schools. Her dedication coupled with the support of the principals and staff, has the present and future of our libraries looking great!


The Gaspe-Perce Tri-School CLC is a multi-site CLC managed by a single Community Development Agent

Community Development Agent: Don Barclay

CLC Since: 2006

Program: Elementary, Secondary

Geographic Region: Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine