Making Media Manageable is a LES framework complete with activities and student tools. It is based on a LEARN Original Print Publication.

Audience: MMM is aimed at Elementary Cycles 2 and 3.


One of the challenges of learning about information and research is communicating the results. Many questions arise. How to communicate? To whom? For what purpose?

Mounting a real multi-modal public awareness campaign in your school is one real-life way to introduce students to a variety of ways of communicating information for a specific audience and with an intended purpose. Using multiple communication modes allows students to experience how information can be transformed into a message, and how that message can be disseminated in different ways.

The main goal of this project is to take students through the process of making media to communicate a specific message about an issue that is deemed important to the community by mounting an awareness campaign.

What is a Public Awaress Campaign?

A public awareness campaign can be described as a series of communications in a variety of modes that all focus around the same issue. For instance, the Canadian government’s anti-smoking campaign includes posters, television spots, a website and a pamphlet with information about how to quit. Some campaigns also include a guest speaker, or a series of activities in a specific timeframe (e.g. Black History Month). The goal of an awareness campaign is to bring an important issue to the attention of the people most affected by it or in a position to do something about it.

Links with the QEP

This project is rooted in the Quebec Education Programme. Arising out of the Broad Areas of Learning, specifically Media Literacy, and engaging all Cross-curricular Competencies, the activities that make up the project lend themselves easily to content from the Subject Areas, and specifically address competencies from English Language Arts, Français, langue seconde and the Arts.

Notes on the Publication

This project was based on work done at Central Quebec School Board by teachers Tim Romanow and Shelley Longney.

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