The following group of lessons cover a number of Math SN 5 topics for which students often need support. Some lessons are a review of Math SN 4 material that is necessary for SN 5, while others offer alternative approaches to SN 5 topics.  

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LEARN Design and Development Team: Author/Lead Teacher: Audrey McLaren, BSc, DipEd; Editor: Steven Rossy, MD; and Instructional Designer: Kristine Thibeault, MEd.

Solving 1-Variable Inequations Graphically

Solving inequations that involve one variable can be done either purely algebraically or graphically. The algebraic procedure can be somewhat cumbersome, whereas the graphical method is more intuitive. The next three lessons show the graphical method that can be used to solve 1-variable inequations involving an absolute value, a square root, or a rational expression.


At the end of these lessons you be able to:


    • Find the solution set for a 2-variable absolute-valued inequation

    • Find the solution set for a 1-variable radical inequation

    • Find the solution set for a 1-variable rational inequation





Changing Vector Representation

This lesson demonstrates procedures for finding a vector’s components given its magnitude and direction, or vice versa.

At the end of this lesson you will be able to:

     • Find the magnitude and direction of a vector given its components, or vice-versa.


Additional Resources:

GeoGebra: Vector Analyzer (Infinite practice with visual and answers)


Graphing Linear Inequations in General Form

Solving linear inequations in two variables is generally done by graphing the solution set. This lesson summarizes the procedures for creating such graphs.
At the end of the this lesson you will be able to:
    • Graph the boundary and shade the appropriate region that satisfies a linear inequation           in general form or system of linear in equations in general form

Investigation of Operations on Functions Activities

In this interactive Desmos activity, students can spend time going deeper into the effects of the various operations on functions, in which they not only discover new functions, but see familiar ones in new ways, ex. a quadratic as a product of two linear functions.

Desmos: Gasmin, Tosna, Phyxyx and Drin

The following GeoGebra activity will allow students to investigate the effect of the various operations on various functions. Change f(x) and g(x) as you wish, then click to see the operation you wish. You can also hide the original functions to get a better look at the result.

GeoGebra: All Operations on Functions