Music occupies an important place in the lives of young people. It is a source of special experiences that bring together sensations, emotions and aesthetic judgment. Creating/composing, playing, understanding, appreciating and being sensitive to music represent a specific form of intelligence through which students acquire knowledge about themselves and the world around them. 

Music Competencies - Secondary

Competency 3: Appreciates musical works

The act of appreciation is one of examining and reflecting on a work, whether it is one's own, the work of classmates, or professional and amateur work seen outside the classroom. In the arts, teachers are often challenged by time constraints, and wonder how to fit appreciation into tight timelines. Two things to consider are:

- Keep it simple - introduce a framework and use it exclusively for a while

- Do it often - regular moments of appreciation cultivate the appreciation reflex

Keep it simple Ideas Do it often Ideas
Use post-its on a large Venn diagram on the wall or interactive white board Build in an appreciation moment at the very start of a composition project, or at the start of every period
Have students discuss in groups and share notes on a single Appreciation sheet Have an appreciation file or station in your classroom for inspiration, and make sure students leave traces in an appreciation journal
Use the same framework for the Artist Statement for personal creations. Build in appreciation of finished works at the close of a project or as projects are completed

Student Tools

Appreciating Music - Download

Teaching and Learning Tools

Music LES

  • Jazz Lab - Storytelling Through Film and Jazz
    Sec IV & V 
    Watch the web documentary, Burgundy Jazz, and explore in this lesson how music transforms film – from legendary film scores to Montreal's music history, and the culture of Jazz. Ignite your students' imaginations as they compose their own musical scores. The documentary is chaptered into short clips, ideal for classroom viewing. Download
  • What's In a Song? 
    Sec Cycle 1, yr 1 (Sec I)
    by Lynn Harper
    Students explore song writing & a method of composition in this LES. They compose a short piece of music using non-traditional notation and create a score using traditional notation. Students reflect on their composition and on the compositions of their peers.
    LES Download
    Student Tools Download
    Musical Terms Presentation Download

  • On Broadway! 
    by Lynn Harper 
    Students prepare a trip to NYC to see a musical. Research and appreciation are targeted in this learning activity - as well as the possibility of making a poster (Visual Arts).
    Activity Download

How To Appreciate Music

When we listen to music, we need to know what to listen for and how to understand what we hear. We also need to make a connection with it, and situate it in its historical and cultural context. 
How to Appreciate Music Go to page

Choose a SmART Career poster

PNG file of a poster aimed at secondary students and teachers. Download

30 Days of Art poster

PNG file of a poster aimed at elementary students, parents and teachers. Download


Professional Learning

MAD2 Facebook Group

A group for Quebec teachers in the Arts from the anglophone sector. Go to page 

Arts Connection

Online PD for Arts educators in Quebec, hosted by MAD2. A DEEN committee initiative. Online archive available Go to folder 

Spotlight on the Arts

An annual effervescent art education happening organized by the MAD2 DEEN subcommittee, featuring guest speakers, workshops in all four Arts subjects, a round-table discussion and on the spot art-making. Go to page 

Professional Organizations

Artists in Schools

Having practicing artists and specialized art educators in your classroom enriches everyone's experience of the arts. Students deepen their practice and understanding of the Arts. Teachers expand their arts pedagogy know-how.

English-speaking artists and micro grants for English schools

Culture à l'école -
Quebec government program and database of artists as well as cultural events and outings.

Breaking down the QEP for artists (webinar done for ELAN)

MEES Program Documents

Quebec Education Program

QEP Music Secondary Cycle 1 Download 

QEP Music Secondary Cycle 2 Download 

Progression of Learning

Music Sec. Cycle 1 and 2 Download 

Framework for the Evaluation of Learning

Framework for the Evaluation of Learning Sec. Cycle 1 and 2 Download 

Curated Music Resources

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Take the 30 Days of Art challenge! A great way to inspire everyone to engage with the arts every day. 


A poster designed to inspire students to choose various careers in the Arts. Available from your Arts consultant, or download the Tabloid PNG.